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Post Covid Pandemic

POST COVID-19 PANDEMIC           Yes, I am talking about the Corona Virus named COVID-19 which has caught us all off guard.   It has now slowly mushroomed like the poisonous ivy and   has swallowed nearly 1,58,691 innocent lives globally and 507 nationally.   And that too for no fault of ours.   Well! What is the way out or solution for this Pandemic. Medical experts and scientists the world over have agreed that self-quarantining oneself at home and distancing oneself from each other are the only somewhat surer measures of self-protection.   When Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the “Janta Curfew” for the whole day of 22 nd March, 2020 due to the Covide-19 attack, people were busy looking for the hidden agenda behind it.   However, undeterred, the Prime Minister went on to announce the 21-day lockdown from 24 th March 2020 and later followed it up with another 14-day lockdown till May 3 rd , 2020.   And he did that keeping the nation’s safety and health in min